Low Voltage LM2940 Converters from 3.3v up to 15v

Ideal for lowering the voltage of a panel to an exact reference value

Large pic lm2940 voltage converter

Small pic of lm2940 small pic of lm2940 with heatsink

Great for solar to convert to a specific voltage. LM2940T's are 'Low Voltage Drop' so can operate at as little as half a volt more the the target voltage. Available with or with heatsink and with or without a pair of capacitors (one .47uf ; one 22uf)

  • Low Voltage Drop - as little as 0.5v
  • TO220 Package
  • Available with or without the Heatsink or the Capactitors
  • Available in 3.3v, 5v, 8V, 9v, 10v, 12v and 15v to suit most appications
  • Current: 500ma (0.5amps)
  • Capable of supporting 1amp current

Prices include shipping. Just select from UK pricing if you are in the UK or Global for delivery anywhere else in the world

1.89 Including UK shipping without heatsink or capacitors

Add a heatsink or capacitor set for just 40p

Add a heatsink AND capacitor set for just 70p

Select voltage and whether you want heatsinks and capacitors

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